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Acrylic Bath Repair London

Acrylic baths are the same as Fiberglass baths or Plastic baths they are just different names for the same bath material. For Acrylic baths, repairs fall into 5 categories 

All of these are repairable! Look at our gallery and see the results for yourself. Acylic baths are made of 2/3 layers.
Layer 1 is the acrylic top surface known as the acrylic cap. This is fused to a sub-surface
Layer 2 : fibreglass that’s why some people say we have a fibreglass bath

If the chip grows or forms a line below the very top of the bath surface then it may begin to turn into a crack. Cracks in acrylic baths NO MATTER HOW SMALL need to be attended to immediately. This is because cracks tend to continue to grow in length and depth resulting in leaks. Leaks not only damage the Chipboard underneath.

There is also a risk of falling through the bath which could cause serious injuries. If you have a chipped fiberglass bath or chipped acrylic bath, there’s no real concern other than cosmetically it is imperfect. Dirt may also gather in the chip. Apart from that there is nothing really to worry bout. The one thing that we must emphasis is that it must only be a chip.

Intermediate Layer: This layer is a sheet of chipboard, the chipboard either lies underneath the fiberglass or it is encapsulated within it. These 3 layers are bonded together. In some baths the Chipboard sheet is visible underneath and some it is encapsulated in the fiberglass itself. It is very important that the Chipboard sheet is protected from water at all times. The Chipboard gives the bath its floor strength. If it gets saturated with water, it will crumble and make repairs impossible.

IT an also affect ceilings and electrics in the room immediately underneath the bath. This would not only require a bath repair but also ceiling in the room underneath the bathroom repainting. It can get costly. It is far cheaper to get a long life invisible repair carried out by us. Click here to book with us now!

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